Hello, I'm Gabriel Porras VOICEOVER ARTIST

Thank you for visiting my site!

My name is Eliud Gabriel Porras (don't even bother trying to figure out how to pronounce "Eliud", Eh-looeed...? Eh-lood...?, Eh-lee-odd? Eh...?!? -- life's too short. Just call me Gabriel, please). I am a professional producer, presenter and journalist.

The BBC hired me in Mexico and brought me to London twenty years ago, to work on its justly acclaimed World Service. This was a very rewarding and valuable experience, but I managed to extricate myself more than ten years ago, and I've never looked back.

Over the last two decased in London I have accumulated a number of world-class credits, and I will present you with some of them here. Next time you need someone to inject realy syle and passion to your commercial, video, documentary, animation or big-bucks Hollywood production, you know where to find me -- as Humphrey Bogart loosely said in Casablanca: "Of all the damn websites in the world, you had to land on this one!".

nice to meet you HERE'S A LITTLE ABOUT ME.

Here's an example of my work. I hope you like it!

Mexico: Earth's Festival of Life - BBC - I narrated this full documentary series

You can see more video examples here

You can hear more audio here