We start with the already mentioned "smooth and sexy", "chocolatey" tone for Solero Ice Cream (imagine it melting in your mouth...):

A change of pace and rhythm: a TV trailer for a famous Arnold Schwarzenegger film: True Lies, the best performance ever by the Governor of California, with scintillating help from Jamie Lee Curtis:

Back again with the warm, friendly delivery, to promote a new shampoo range (personal hygiene is such a civilised thing!): Sedal Shampoo, "for the hair of beautiful women" (and for all of us uglies as well, please!)...

Another classy commercial, for jet engines capable of completely obliterating the hairdo of any beautiful woman... CFM...what "Fear of Flying"? None whatsoever!

So, before I get my beautiful hair in a mess, I'd better climb into my Toyota Celica: "I am a prisoner" (ever since the day I got married!)

And finally, a soothing book reading, introduced by Paul Gambacini on BBC Radio 4: Santa Evita (a saint to dance a tango with...)