Some entertaining clips
in English and Spanish ENJOY!

Mexico: Earth's Festival of Life - BBC - I narrated this full documentary series

This is a great global campaign by WWF,
which I had the privilege to voice - we MUST protect the seas!

Here is a recent animation in collaboration with Common Craft --fasten your seat belt!

This is a mad and zany project for a Doritos commercial in English:

Want some Mojo? You've come to the right place! Do you REALLY want to learn how to get Muchas Maracas in your life (or Mucha Vida into your Maracas? Mmm...)

And this is an acclaimed commercial for Johnnie Walker, for which I did the Spanish version:

Feeling lucky? Try dancing the tango with Boris Becker!!!

And how about the most successful sports show on earth, which I presented for over fifteen years--we did more nations than the United Nations!